What is PCD?

PCD is the stud or bolt pattern that your car's hubs use for you to mount your wheels to them. There are numerous PCDs and different manufacturers tend to use different configurations - you need to confirm your car's PCD prior to ordering your WORK wheels to ensure that they'll fit. Common PCDs include 5x114.3 (some Nissans & Toyotas), 5x120 (most BMWs) and 4x100 (older generation Hondas) - the first number denotes the number of studs/bolts and the second number refers to the distance between the studs/bolts.

How to measure your wheels PCD?

Measure from the center of one stud to the center of the next stud.

What are wheel hub adapters?

This effectively allows the vehicle to fit a wheel with a different bolt pattern(PCD). Because of this, wheel adapters will always be on the thicker side and will always need to be bolted to the hub.

How do PCD adapters work?

The adapter bolts to your hub using the bolts supplied, then the new wheel bolts to the adapter using your existing wheel bolts... easy!