“If you don’t look back at your car after you’ve parked it, you’ve bought the wrong car.“

You’ve probably heard the expression before and this is exactly the kind of disease we have. We love cars, and not just ours. They’re all beautiful on nice, especially in their own environment and intended purpose. We dream that all vehicles could be just the way they were in the heads of the designers and engineers who built them, just before capitalism brought them down to earth. Our desire is to bring out the true potential these vehicles have.

Our bag of tricks!
  • In-depth work If there’s something bothering, but you can’t figure out what and either can anyone else, we would like to help. Normally shops don’t want to spend time searching around for a stupid issue, but we love it. We can’t sleep without finding the fault.
  • Specific maintenance work We are an official Öhlins service center, but we can also manage other dampers. But of course we can work on engines, gearboxes and differentials as well!
  • Maintenance In addition to more complicated work, we still know what regular maintenance is. We work thoroughly and without rushing.
  • Wheel alignment and corner weights We’ll align your vehicles wheels and set up your corner weights for better driveability.
  • Tyre changing Probably not worth mentioning, but we can help.
  • Wash We wash vehicles our own way – from the top, bottom (yes, underneath), inbetween and from the inside. With warm water, every vehicle with individiual approach. If it’s not during a competition, we don’t like to work on dirty cars. In addition, dirt is what damages stuff the most. This means, cleaning things properly is the most important thing in maintenance. We don’t compromise.
  • Anti-corrosion work For every bigger bodywork, you have to have anti-corrosion work. This same work you can also do on an undamaged car for preventative purposes. Anti-corrosion work is done thoroughly, for years.
  • Custom work If you often dream how would your car look like if it was a cabriolet, motorhome or a truck instead of a sedan, you can come to us. Or if you’d like to do something but can’t figure out, we’ll find a solution.
  • Bodywork Our experience in bodywork goes back far. Accidents happen, sometimes big, so putting two cars together to make a new one is daily routine for us. No need to worry thou, we do it properly. We can’t take anything less than factory spec and usually we top that. Of course, we can help with smaller accidents also. Quite often people don’t know that they can take their car wherever they like for an insurance quote. We can help.
  • Restauration We have restored many different vehicles. Historical rally cars, big classic americans, motorcycles and so on. We can restore bodyshells, interior, engine, undercarriage or whatever the customer would like.
  • Engineering We can work out custom needs – positioning a turbo, suspension kinematics or full aerodynamics. If you wish to build yourself a WRC car – we can do it.
  • Technical support We offer support in motorsports without discriminating any of the disciplines. With our whole team, we can manage everything your team would need.
  • Maintenance in the vehicle location Sometimes it’s not possible to deliver the vehicle to us. To us, this is not a problem. We can come to the vehicle and find solutions to whatever it may need. Is it in Estonia or somewhere else, doesn’t matter.
  • Transport We can help bring cars to and back from the workshop, but also in other routes. Every vehicle has its own nuances – we can handle them.
  • Vehicle storage Our rooms are guarded and insured. Is there anything better than going towards Spring with a well-kept and maintained vehicle? Quite often our services are used also in the Summer season. If you’d just like to drive a clean and ready vehicle, you can leave the dirty work to us.
  • Advice/expertise If you wish to improve your (race)car but don’t know where to start or something broke and you don’t know why? Or would you just like a proper check before buying a vehicle? Contact us, we’ll find a solution.