OBP Kit Car Pemium V2 pedal box

OBP Kit Car Pemium V2 pedal box

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Kit contents: 3 Pedal Kit Car Hydraulic Clutch Pedal Box with Bias Bar & 3x Master Cylinders

275mm (H) (W Box) / 283mm Inc Fixing Lugs) 242mm W X 130mm (D) (Approx Sizes ).

The pedal box comes with a 25mm x 25mm cut out in the back to fit over the bottom rail in the foot well.

The unit fits to the bulk head and bolts to the floor.

Special Features V2 Pedal Boxes:

Aircraft Grade Aluminium Billet Pedals
Adjustable Brake Pedal Ratio from 4.9:1 to 5.24:1
Adjustable Up, Down and Side to Side Brake & Clutch Pedal Pads
Strengthened and Rigid Box
25mm by 25mm Cut out for Chassis Rail
IVA – Lock Nuts for Locking Bias Bar