SIMPSON Hybrid S with HANS® tethers

SIMPSON Hybrid S with HANS® tethers

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Like HANS®, the Hybrid device is a head restraint system.
The helmet is held in place by 4 straps: 2 to the front and 2 to the rear.
The straps are linked to a kind of tunic made up of a rigid section and tethers, all closely fitted on the driver.
The user’s chest and collar bones are unrestricted, and the lower profile of the helmet back maximises comfort and freedom of movement.
The Hybrid range is available in 2 versions: With HANS® tethers, or with quick release tethers.

The Hybrid S has the lowest profile in the industry, this unit will travel with you for quick entry and exit of the race car. The strap design offers excellent maneuverability. It rests on the back / shoulders, not on the chest or clavicle as for the old HANS device. The design also gives better contact with the car and keeps the driver / copilot more attached to the seat.
It is also available with straps for quick release helmet anchors.

Characteristics :
- High quality carbon fiber construction.
- Unmatched angular impact protection and stability.
- Low profile. The rear can not snap to the bar.
- Multiple loading ways to dissipate loads from the head.
- Loop fastener at the front. No cumbersome straps underneath.
- HANS-tethers are optional.

Weight: 1085 grams complete.
Homologation: FIA 8858-2010.